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Zachary Levinsky

April 3, 2013 Final Lecture General Themes in Course  Started with questions (what is guiding us through this course) o Different questions, from different perspectives, asking different questions o Why do we focus on certain crimes or ignore aboriginals o Different starting points in criminology o i.e. waiter serving plate of food – multiple perspectives of looking at one thing o theories may not sit together well because they have different starting points  Criminology is not limited to solving crime; could do more than what traditionally criminology was thought to do (expanding limits) o What can/should criminology do? o Small box of crime and punishment (Kant) in criminology (uniform understanding of criminology) o Crime defined as act against the state/law; other types of acts that can be defined as criminal? Regulation?  State somehow becomes necessary in defining what crime and law is  I.e. Disneyland (**review last year’s exam)  What do we say when someone asks what criminology is? o Limited understanding o Assumed to be C.S.I. type of activity o Our understanding of criminology changed over time as we learn more criminology Feminism  Traditional feminist narrative in criminology, presented by Komack o What criminology is about (masculine enterprise) o Concerned with and explaining male criminology o Exclusionary discipline (“add women and stir” approach)  By trying to bring women into the discussion, to include them, you are still creating different barriers  Tools in feminism/criminology that open up new possibilities  Similarities between post-colonialist and feminist ideas Reflexivity  i.e. aspects of Professor Levinsky teaching a class o questioning the authority/ expert  being critical of textbook knowledge  be
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