SOC209H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Day Parole, Indictable Offence, Miscarriage

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19 Apr 2017

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Challenges: establishing public accountability, providing victim compensation. Implementing selective targeting: promoting communities" notions of harm. Solutions: the repairing of harm needs to be re-conceptualized as a social goal rather than and individual goal, and a s a process that entail state provided resources as well as input form specific individuals/groups. Section #2: describe the various types of parole release: Temporary absence: conditional release that allows inmates to participate in community activity while residing in a minimum security facility. Once their sentence is completed, they are no longer required to be under supervision: not incarcerated federal prisoners. Statutory release: allows incarcerated federal offenders to released on parole after having served 2/3 of the sentence in a federal prison for the remaining 1/3 of their sentence. Conditional release: a generic term for the various forms in which in an inmate is allowed to leave a correctional institute before their sentence is complete.

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