SOC209H5 Midterm: Midterm Review

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Published on 22 Feb 2019
Which type of offences included in the criminal law are inherently wrong?
1. mala prohibita
2. mens rea
3. mala in se
4. actus reus
The government of Canada is subject to the laws of the country. Which term explicitly
sets out this principle?
1. stare decisis
2. the rule of law
3. the common law
4. precedent
Which orientation to criminal justice prioritizes the legal rights of individual citizens,
including crime suspects?
1. due process orientation
2. crime control orientation
3. legalistic orientation
4. social welfare orientation
Ellen is researching crime rates and trends. She has noticed that the number of crimes
reported to police is considerably higher than the number of cases that result in
convictions. Which of the following terms applies to this finding?
1. the criminal justice funnel
2. a due process orientation
3. penal populism
4. different task environments
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