Study Questions for Second Half of Term

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10 Dec 2010

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Lecture Five- Policing Questions
1.What percentile of the CJS funding goes towards police forces?
- The police force is one of the largest items within the CJS which receives a large
amount of funding from government agencies. They receive approximately 60%
of the CJS funding. This equates to approximately $300.00 per person annually.
2.Name the four levels of policing
-There are four levels of policing: Federal level (RCMP- Royal Canadian Mounted
Police), Provincial Police ( this includes three different provincial police levels),
municipal police (peel region) and First Nation Police.
- First nation policing..
* Derived from the RCMP and OPP.
* The type of policing within first nations is negotiated through the community
* Responsibilities: Band bylaw, federal statutes, provincial statutes
* First nation policing are responsible for policing on reserves.
3. What is another alternative to policing which are recently emerged?
- Private security policing has recently emerged within the past decade.
- There are more private security officer then there are of actual police officers
- Responsibilities: Crowd control, 911 calls, policing, private in-mall security.
- There has been a concern/uncertainty in regards to private security legal authority
in contrast to actually police officers.
- It has been claimed that private security officers have the same legal authority as an
ordinary citizen. This means that they are not above the law.
- When making an arrest, private security officers much adhere to the provisions of the
Charter of Rights and Freedom.
-Due to the underpayment of private security officers, this has acted as an attractive
method towards policing, for government officials.
- Downfall: Private police officers are not trained adequately enough to deal with the
public, they undergo a 3 day training compared to officers who undergo a full
year of training.
4. List five functions of the police
1. Preserve the peace
2. Prevent crimes and offences
3. Assist victims of crime
4.Apprehend criminals
5.Lay Charges
6. Execute Warrants
5. What 4 factors impact a police officers discretion to arrest?
1. Seriousness of the offence—this is reliant upon the officers discretion of what is
categorized as being serious
2.Strength of the evidence
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