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Damaged children: Helen Cote Experiences of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse Estimated 50 000 death due to neglect, abuse and diseases Left former students to deal with issues of sexual abuse, violence and drugalcohol abuse Most of the child prostitutes in Saskatoon are First Nations Lived in fear, felt terrorized, violated and helpless Lose children to the government, abusive spouse, lose family, lose one self The stronger the family, the stronger the nation would be Issues of identity: change name to English when went go the residential school; children and youth dont belong in jails ~ decolonization Armed and dangerous: Carl James Black drivers were twice as likely as white drivers to be arrested for a simple drug possession The blackbody as a source of danger, threat to violence and intention to injure Police must protect whiteness against violence Canada is color blind Police claim that their arrests on black people is justified by statistics as recognizing the potential criminals is = to understanding
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