SOC209H5 Study Guide - Pspace, Reall, Summary Offence

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22 Oct 2012

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Tutorial: thursday night - 630 to 830 i ib 380 ** Remedies s. 24 - thinking abour remedies under the charter. It can also read in features to the law - and reinterpret the law. It can also declare a constitutional exemption - in a particular case - the law vilates your charter rights nad you are not covered by that law. You go for more general broad categorie s- in this particular case, it doesnt aply and it violates the charter this is what these things are saying. In term so fyour rights being violated in a criminal case: the crown did soemthing that they were supose to do for eg. - you can stop the trial/ order entirely and get a new trial. Or completey stop the proceddings entirly - you can stop criminal prosecution. It is obtianed ina propeor or legal way it can excluse evidence.

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