SOC219H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cisgender, Moral Panic, Marital Rape

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Fear of crime paradox: people less likely to be victimized by street gangs are ones who think about it most. Understanding that women are weak and vulnerable so they overestimate these traits: male discounting of fear. Same : womens fear of crime = focused on public spaces, yet womens victimization + violence concentrated in private space. Deviance amplification: things that don"t happen often and get blown out of proportion, moral panics & folk devils, e. g. Folk devil: it"s happening everywhere + everyone is doing it. Experts consulted: this is a concern b/c it"s widespread . Dark figure of crime: unreported crime: reporting crime can make you a target. Moral panic: angela davis article, crime must espouse public interest and arousal but be easy to add layers of fibs on top, moral panic example: knockout game, [refer to colbert show example also under deviance amp. def]

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