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Midterm 1

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Lina Samuel

All industrialised nations have experienced a rise in female labour. Ideology of family wage deprived women from many benefits. From the 1980s on women were entering work with children, increase in divorce rates. In 1990s preschools opened increase in women participation. In 2009 the decline in manufacture work gave women a higher rate in labour force participation, that didn’t mean they had good jobs, most were in part time jobs, the underlining causes: shifts in modes of production and feminist thinking. Immediate causes: in slides Culture provides a framework or model for social behaviour. How does your culture impact your life and limit your choices. Female participation rates impact female participation, also men are affected More women are attaining education, but not necessarily job getting ones Economy. Biology. The greater the female participation rate the more economic opportunity for women, but not necessarily the same status. Precarious work Works that are on the margins of the economy, workers are seen as a commodity, flexible worker ones that are easy to get rid off Occupational gender segregation: work women do is undervalued to that of men, among socially different groups, separate is not equal, if you separate different groups of people it makes it easier to be discriminant, for example women are overrepresented in lower paying jobs, occupat
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