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SOC227H5 Study Guide - The German Ideology, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

7 pages91 viewsSummer 2011

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Gregory Bird

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Marx Summary (1) © 2001 Roger Jones
Marx: Main Points:
1. Influences:
1. Hegel’s Idealism: Mind as reality
2. Feuerbach’s Materialism: Religion as Alienation
2. Marx’s Critique of Idealism (The “German Ideology”)
1. Marx asserts the reality of the material world
2. Production, rather than ideas, is seen as the main
human activity
3. Ideas are formed within the relations of production
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Marx Summary (2) © 2001 Roger Jones
3. Hegel’s influence on Marx:
1. Dialectical historical development
2. Feuerbach separates contemplation from Praxis
3. Feuerbach lacks a sense of history in relation to human
4. Feuerbach relates religious ideas to society, but does
not go on to analyse that society
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