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Gregory Bird

Alienation from Species-being 1 Alienation from Species-being As someone become alien, to somebody or something due to acts or results of acts, is termed as alienation. Alienation is present where ever there is transformation (changing one form into another). Karl Marx gave us four elements of alienation in Estranged Labour and workers alienation from species being is one of that. Labour produces poverty for workers but it is miracle for rich people. The capitalism has submerged the ability to work collectively and created the class division. For human beings, work amounts to a life purpose. The process of acting on and transforming inorganic matter to create things constitutes the core identity of the human being. A person is what he or she does in transforming nature into objects through practical activity. But in the modern system of private ownership and the division of labor, the worker is estranged from this essential source of identity and life purpose for the human species. According to M
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