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Socio-Technical Systems:
Asocio-Technical system isbasically acompilationof social and technicalunits.Itisa
head underwhichavarietyof workforce performsitsfunctionsas social units such as
groups or teams.And theseunitsusetechnical equipment such as machine andother
capital toolsinorder to fulfill theirtask. Itisan assortment of populace, processes,
agendas and finalproducts that workinan interrelated way inorder to achieve an
objective. Itcontains technical computer based programsand skilledlaborthatare
directed towards theachievement of agoal.
Themostsignificant characteristicof aSocio-Technical is that๎€œitvalues both
effectiveness and humankind๎€.Such asystem isimportantbecauseitworks inaway that
can eliminatetheunethical aspectsof technology.Itworks to attaintechnological
brilliance and an enhanced and qualityworkfromlaborforce. Itscrutinizesdifferent
projects thoroughlybeforeworking on theminorder to cut down theirnegative and
unscrupulous traits.Such asystem works according to themodernworld bytaking
advantage technology but on theotherhand thesesystemsalsoconsider individual
welfare. By compiling humanforce andtechnology such system builds up aground
whichcan developand prosper easily ifituses itshumanandtechnological resources
efficiently.Joint collaboration,communicationandcooperationaremajorgoalsof a
socio-technical system.
Somecommonexamplesof socio-technical systemsare a factoryand ahospital where a
varietyof employees worktogetherunderdifferent groups and teamsandusetechnical
equipment such as spinning machinesor X-Ray machinesetcto performtheirtasks.
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Collaborationand agreement between themembersof thesegroups and teamsare
necessaryforfluidoperating system.Apressforpublishing books isalsoan exampleof a
social-technical system wheremachinesareused to publish books and thesemachinesare
operated byvarious groups of workforce.
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