SOC227H5 Final: Sociology of Work and Occupation Exam Review

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17 Oct 2010

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Industrial relations usually come from the perspective of management, and labor relations usually come from the perspective of the workers. Industrial is all about building consensus and relationships between managers and employees. Industrial relations are sometimes called employment relations because. Main principle of labor relationships is that the relationship between management and employees is not harmonious (pleasant sounding) but conflictual, and unequal and filled with cohesion. It is the critical approach to working and organization. Industrial relations are about co-opting workers (making workers co-operate in the work place so that owners can make more money). Changes in the way work is organized led to overall changes in the workplace. You don"t have the pay the laborer as much, and it never affected the relationship between managers and laborers. Labor (factory, manual laborers) vs. work (administrative stuff, etc ) If you understand you workers then there are 3 ways that your workers can be controlled: