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30 Nov 2017

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Automation and job loss in canada fears of whether machines are going to replace people: automobile factories are already replacing people with machines don"t need the lights on in. Social culture: social entity: a grouping of individuals with some awareness that they are members of the group. You can belong to a country, religion, etc: social structure: the relationships among the individual parts of the entity. Friendship or status structures: social culture: elements that are responsible for the individual"s social entity, beliefs: broad ideas about the social entity and how the world works. Causal models: diagrams that show cause and effect relationships: simple: Indirect effect through job satisfaction relating to whether employees quit. Notion of why the process connects pay and not quitting: mediating effect comes in between the two variables pay and not quitting job satisfaction is the mediating effect, interaction effect: Eg #1: sex, dominance behaviours, and room size.

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