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session 2 fall lecture

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John Kervin

1 SOC 227 WORK & OCCUPATIONS Session #2 INDUSTRIALIZATION 2 Topics: Characteristics of Industrial Capitalism 4. Industrial Capitalism 5. Corporate Concentration 6. Post-Industrial Society Theories and Explanations Classical Economic Explanations Marx Weber Durkheim Readings: Text, chap 1: 10-37 Is industrialization happening everywhere? And is it the same everywhere? Table 1.1 looks at different industrialized countries. Check that table carefully. Compare those countries with Canada. What is the ratio of the pay of ceo compared to the pay of the president of the usa? 30:1 For canadas industrialism look at the book pages. The important parts are th highlighted. Canada was still in the pre-market industry in the first have of the 19 century because we were mostly used for the production of raw materials not finished goods. Immigrants from Europe only found shortage of urban factories so the ones that stayed worked long hours to build systems like canals an transportation and the rest settled in the usa. Poverty was wide spread. INDUSTRIAL ERA The maritimes were profiting before for shipbuilding, glass and clothing but after they joined the confederation deindustrialization began CHARACTERISTICS of INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM Is industrialization good? (table 1.1 12) do not memorize the number but know what the table is trying to tell you. Do countries with high % of women in the labour force how is it related to income inequality? Do they have higher or lower education level? Lower 2 The more support women gets at home the more women work. The country with the highest levels of help from male is the Netherlands. They also have high birth rates China There are a lot of media attention. Past industrialization in china is not smooth. Chinas attraction before was that it was cost effective. But the wage rates are going up. In china now their wage is going up andis 413 dollars a month. Now there is strikes going on. And now there is employee unrest in china. The threat is that china is going to lose production in bangaledesh, Cambodia. However, there are other factors that makes this from not happening. What is going to happen next in china? 4. INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM (1900) Technology: industrial: new technology reduced the need for skilled employees. You can buy unskilled employees. Mechanization leads to very large factory based companies. There was the cp rail system. Agriculture declined. Was 1900 60% of workers in Canada was non agriculture. Social Culture: political rulers became replaced by rising power. The idea of democracy was evident. changes become quickly. We think change is good . value of change serves the interest of those that can benefit. So lay offs occur and justifies poor working conditions. Social Structure There is upper class system but it is based on money. There are middle class like professionals, shop keepers. Infrastructure becme evident. Rise of modern nation state. Economic Relations:
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