SOC231H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: The Communist Manifesto, Primitive Communism, False Consciousness

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What goes on in each one: common in 2,3,4= there"s classes and exploitation exist. However, there is no real liberation : it is only a change/ movement within the stage of history: through technological advancements hold by better rulers , there is no cycle. Why is it important: rationalizations that hides the truth of economic system, you don"t understand which class you think you belong because of false consciousness (through private property, work sanctions) You think you know what"s good for you, but you don"t . You think you like capitalism, but you don"t understand . Critique of communism : taking away all of people"s property, by taking private ownership. People are horrified to be stripped off the property, but capitalism already took it away. By consolidating it into big organizations/ companies, to get more resources and efficient production. Liberal : instead of socializing properties, break them up into smaller properties.

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