SOC244H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Melville J. Herskovits, Sexual Sterilization Act Of Alberta, Lgbt Parenting

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14 Nov 2013

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Only 4% of cdns are not immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Ontario and bc: the provinces hosting the most aboriginals. Allows for the comparison of nations establishes a measure of well-being (level of education, income, life expectancy) Registered natives on reserve = rank 62nd, registered natives both on and off = rank 46th. Important roles fulfilled by the family: protects and nourishes the child, passes on language which provides a code for making sense and understanding the world, teaches ways of behaving. Instills values and sense of what is important, what is worth protecting and fighting for. Native families forced to take on the patriarchal, nuclear form that was characteristic of colonizers. Were originally hunters/gatherers that moved around a lot. Mid 1800s: first wave of european settlers they established themselves as the dominant group. Powerful lasting effects on the lives of native people, specifically native women.

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