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14 Apr 2012

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1) Afro-Candian Families & the history of slavery
In 1793 ontario was the first colony to end slavery
30 years later it ended in america
Melville Herskovits
o American Anthropologist
-believed that African Americans tend to cling to their African roots (Africanism)
-cultural relativity school
-continuation of African cultural forms
-authentic African cultural patterns found in music, language, housing structure
-slavery did not totally destroy the traditional African base
Franklin Frazier
o American Sociologist
-nothing remains of what was their African roots because they were systematically stripped of their
culture their beliefs and heritage
-african families adopted white notion of the family
-the origins of the family are rooted in slavery and plantation system
-family composition continuously being interrupted by the sale of children
-children were dependent on the mother
-father could easily be sold (much stronger)
Therefore: the black family is a consequence of slavery and American culture
Both conducted early studies of black families
Both have opposing views
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