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14 Apr 2012
Immigration for the Chinese, south Asian, and Japanese immigrants
The population of Canada grew significantly as a consequence of increased immigration
Baby boom
And low levels of emigration
Immigration played an important role in the economic life of Canada
In the mid-1960s to the present Canada has seen an increase of immigrants particularly from
Recent immigrants born in Asian including middle east made up the largest proportion of new
comers to Canada
The points system
In 1967, Canada introduced a Points System that gave preference to immigrants who, among
other things:
knew English or French.
were not too old/too young to take regular jobs.
had arranged employment in Canada.
had a relative or family member in Canada.
had proper education and training.
were immigrating to a region of high employment
the point system issued by the federal govt transformed the type of immigrant Canada as a
nation was looking for
the points system allowed Canada to regulate its immigrants
they were looking for people with specific skills: the basis of education, occupational skills,
knowledge of official languages
labour needed for Canada
as a result in the 1960-70s a lot of nurses came from India to fill the nursing demand in
early immigrants settled in rural areas
today they settle in Toronto, montreal, Ottawa-gattineau, Vancouver, and Calgary
immigrants have been subjected to high levels of racialization due to their physical
appearance and often because of the way they live
certain groups are categorised as being qualitatively different
feminist perspective: multiplicity of oppression
o compounded in two ways
o lower economic status and prestige
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