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Lina Samuel

Soc244 exam reviewFamily DiversityChanges in immigration policy and its impact on the family1 Aboriginal FamiliesColonialism Indian act 1876 residential schools sixties scoop sexual sterilizationThe family fulfills important roles o Protect and nourish child o Pass on language which provides a code for making sense and understanding the worldo Teaches ways of behaving o Instills valuessense of what is important and what is worth fighting or protecting The hunter gatherers moved from location to location The women of the 6 nations had a substantial amount of power The Europeans however imposed their laws and values on the native families Enforced to take on a nuclear family and patrilineal family Forced to take on aspects of family forms that were not inherent to them As a consequence of colonialism the Europeans brought diseaseso Tuberculosis o Small pox The Europeans also introduced alcohol to the Aboriginals which in turn destroyed the AboriginalsEffects of colonialism1 The Indian Act 1876Powerful piece of legislation which had a profound effect on native peopleLasting effect on their lives Deprived the aboriginals Controlled and dictated their lives o Under the Indian act a woman who married a nonaboriginal man was stripped of her rightso Her and her children no longer considered aboriginal o Denied her roots and had no place on the reserveo Patriarchal laws destroyed matrilineal oneso Women cut off by her roots if her marriage ended2 The Reserve SystemWas established under the terms of the 1876 Indian actRemoved to specific tracts of landLand was deemed inferior Nothing was able to grow on these landsinfertile landsThe Canadian government affectively condemned Indians to occupy the lowest of the social ladder Marginalized in the economy
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