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Lina Samuel

soc244 - lecture 6 - oct 25 2011 aboriginal families - aboriginals first settled down by British columbia and the st lawrence river. iroquios- matrilineal setting family Important roles fulfilled by the family: aboriginals life was detroyed by europeans who etablished themselves as the dominate group and natives were forced to take on the matrilienal and nuclear form that was the european/white family form. Settlers brough disaes such as small pox, alcohol - created economic depdency - it was a very much movement to set out t`o destroy and assimilate the aboriginal people. - primary agents for social control is to education and the residential schools that were built in the 1840s- there were 82 residentail schools, - diminishing role of native women - when white settler women began to arrive in canada, native women were presented as lazy who didnt know how to keep a clean home, blamed for raising children - the rise of white settlement= and increase in diminishing the role of native women. - The indian Act of 1876- - a women married indain - lost her positioing within her own band and was owned by her husbands banned. - destroyed womens life - becuase if the marriage doesnt work she cant go back to her own band - she was cut off from her community - dimihshed her authority over her life and her children. - the reserve system - part of the larger indian act - this was also part of the act - those who felt under the category of indians - they were removed to margins of the land - of the economy - very significant - much of the land on reserves were small. Farming was not used on these parts. The govt condemned indians to have the lowest rums as well as the social matter. Taking them and moving them away and making sure that th
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