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Lina Samuel

Reel Religion – Lecture 2 Memento His life is governed by one thing – revenge He tells himself a lot of lies in order to stay in this relationship with himself His condition is something he uses to enable him to never have to reflect to who he might be He uses his condition (partly / real partly imagined) in order to never As human beings, we are different than other animals, we are always able to reflect and relate to the situations we are in Animals are governed by their instincts (they don’t say “why am I doing this?”) Because of this gift we have, we need not/ should not, ever come to think that we are defined or established by the situations we are in We are always able to relate to things Point; religiously speaking, there is no exact defined role for who we are. We do not have to behave in a curtained defined way because our essence we are spiritual beings who can reflect and wonder. We have some instincts but we can always over ride them. Normal doesn’t mean what you have to do, normal is what everybody does. It’s a common way of doing things. We live in a world where we are pressured to do things like how everyone else does them. To be like everyone else or face the fear of being considered a freak. Be free, be you, don’t get tied up with who the world wants you to be. By doing what the world wants, you are giving yourself to the world. Give yourself to life, and impurity and true. The things we thought meant everything to us, don’t. you wont di e if you don’t get into med school or if you don’t get a lexus. Youre not a less of a human being if your dreams don’t come true. Everything you think and do is tied up with a romantic relationship. The things that happen to us don’t have to be the author of who we are forever. We want to be something we understand, something secure, something you don’t have to think and wonder about. You like the safety and security of who you think you are and where youre going. We =pretend that we are a definite identity. When you accept you are prepuating upon yourself a We like being machines and object to ourself, it makes us feel rested and secure. Not always wondering and tinking and reflecting. We rather coste than live. We have everything figured out and concluded. Leonard is the aphimany of self perception. He rejects who he might be asa free person in an uncomfortable comfort zone in a particular understanding of who he is to himself. He refuses to what he has done to refuse to participate with his guilt. His condition is quite real and alo imagined. He does not belive he can live till he creates stratergies and schemes. “first words” where are you “last words” Where was I He defines himself in relationship to where he is. Not who he is but where he is. Not who he can become but where he is. “where are you” same question to him as “who am I” If he can answer “ where am I” he can answer “who he is” It can answer what hes doing and what he needs to do. The room he is in- the room is always annonoumous He too is anonymous to himself. He has no relationship to who he is. “Help in time of need” “an eye for an eye” a section in the bible that talks about revenge. He stops with the language of revenge. We have leonard looking for truths. He finds a text on revenge, but doesn’t want to finish reading. Leonard want to be the god of revenge, he wants to take
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