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Lina Samuel

F Mr.Johnson Mister Johnson Tensions of Colonialism • Rethink Colonialism • From the old to the complex • Beyond race • Multiple impacts • Rethink Identity • The image of Africa • Who is colonial? • Appreciate uncertainties • Rethink Power Mr Johnson thinks hes white/British. Hes never been to England Its not just colonial power, its also local power. Not lacking agency Takes women/ordinary people from the story. Local people are asking for their money, they wont walk on the road without being paid. Colonial Africa: old (and not so old) -common responses “white people (we/they) conquered Africa and ruled it” “took African redources away to develop themselves.” “tried to civiliza Africa by introducing education, chirstianity- and now democracy.” Implications • “white people (we/they ) built Africa.” “messed it up” “Africa needs our help” “why cant they help themselves” Rethink colonial rule Conquest: Europe vs. Africans Rule: Colonizer over the colonized Identity: white over blacks F Gender: men • Mister Johnson offers of more complicated view of colonial rule, where… -Power did not necessarily mean control - There is mutual dependence -identities are ambiguous and unsure -where color is sometimes burred -the colonizer is often dependent on the colonized -women play key social roles Johnson thinks his son will become higher in the hierarchy. Top: Civilized, Powerful, Agential, Modern -Queen/King -Empire -Governor -District Officer Bottom: Uncivilized, Traditional, Resisting -Chiefs -Colonized peoples Ambitions of Educated Africans • ambition challenged by: -rise of racialism and racism -Economic changes -partition • Elite African Nationalism bo
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