SOC318H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Skin Whitening, Adam Sandler, Social Environment

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19 Sep 2018

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Soc 318: the sociology of mental health and mental disorders. Sociologists are interested in examining how social contexts impact individual mental health. The balancing of social and individual aspects of mental health and mental disorders will be the main focus of this course. Aneshensel, carol . (cid:1006)(cid:1004)(cid:1005)(cid:1007). (cid:862)i(cid:374)trodu(cid:272)tio(cid:374) to theor(cid:455)-based data a(cid:374)al(cid:455)sis. (cid:863) pp. (cid:1007)-30 in. Theory based data analysis for the social sciences. Theory-based data analysis: a constant shift between theoretical assertions + empirical realities. Iterative process: have q & study & get findings & reformulate q: be explicit abt the fact when you start the research project; already had ideas. Social science theory: (cid:862)a (cid:272)ohere(cid:374)t set of ge(cid:374)eral pri(cid:374)(cid:272)iples (cid:272)o(cid:374)(cid:374)e(cid:272)ted to ea(cid:272)h other (cid:271)(cid:455) logi(cid:272)al arguments that proposes an explanation for a phenomenon. Begin with a hypothesis, a statement of what you expect to find given your theory, then make observations to see if that theory is correct. Use findings to refine or reformulate theory.

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