SOC346H5 Study Guide - Panopticism, Human Body, Penology

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27 Nov 2012

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Focuses on technology of penal power and mode of operation. F contradicts d. discipline and punish stresses on utilitarian nature of modern punishment, says nothing about morals. F believes punishment is a system of power. F"s level of analysis is different from m. m looks at it from the outside and f looks at internal. Neglects political context, social grounds and who and what directs use of punishment. Focuses on penal control and determinants of change: how do you understand the term critical thinker"? (p. 133 134). F had many studies on madness, sexuality, medicine. All are on modern world: why did foucault juxtapose two different styles of punishment in the opening section of his book? (p. 135 136). \ 1) execution of a regicide (killing of king). Done at public square in front of many people. Punishment here was shown through a ritual of horrible death, violence. Sets out times of what prisoners should do.

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