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SOC365H5 - Take Home Midterm questions

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1. Describe the elements of the binary sex/gender system, as
outlined in class and the Kessler and McKenna reading. Explain how
these elements are related to one another. Do transsexuals and
transgender folk live within or disturb the system? Compare and contrast
Kessler and McKenna’s argument with that of Lorber.
2. In North America, women often face a glass ceiling at work.
What is the “glass ceiling”? According to Padavic and Reskin (2007)
what are four major theories that account for the differences between
men and women’s promotions and access to authority? In light of Schilt’s
findings (briefly summarize them), what does she conclude with respect
to gender, work and theories of male and female differentials in job
mobility? Why?
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