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Communication and Ethics: SOC284 Lecture Three: Jan. 20. 2011 1 Recent Censorship within the News Canadian broadcast standards council has banned money for nothing by Dire Straits. Criticism: A homosexual slur is taken out of context. Complaint-driven This is an industry self-regulator (independent): not publicly accountable. Mass media institutions try to self-censor; rather than getting the governments to do it. This is because, if the governments censor they will be more stringent. The CBSC (Canadian broadcast standards council) will only start regulating censorship if the public complains. ASSIGNMENT ONE One source should be in agreement with the Bill, and one should be opposed to it. The bill claims that any content which does not incorporate or violates Canadian values; will be rejected. It is administrative processes at which it see is Canadian values are incorporated or not. If it is incorporated, then basically they will get a tax credit. Who gets to decide what Canadian values need to be visible? Based on what criteria? Read the article, and find two more sources which would contain information about those who support and oppose the article. Find out the arguments on both sides, and illustrate what these people are trying to claim. You are then suppose to agree with ONE of the sides. The sources do not have to be academic PRESENT BOTH SIDES, THEN PICK ONE; AND EXPLAIN WHY YOUR AGREED VIEW IS BETTER THEN THE OTHER ARGUMENT. FORMS OF CENSORSHIP WITHIN PAPERCOULD BE INCIDENTAL OR SYSTEMIC
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