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STA107H5 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Logic Puzzle, Box Plot, Scatter PlotExam

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Alison Weir
Study Guide

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R/RStudio Assignment for Test #1
Spring 2019
General Instructions
Put all output for all parts of each question on one side of a standard 8.5x11 page. For
this assignment you will produce two pages of solution, one page for each question.
Start each question on a fresh sheet of paper.
At the top of each page, write or type the title of the question. Under the title put
your full name and student ID#. Under that type the sentence: I certify that this is
my own original work. Then sign your name beside this sentence. The top of each
page should look like this:
Question Title Given in the Question
Alison Weir 1234123412
I certify that this is my own original work.
Each question will ask you to add some R/RStudio output and some R/RStudio
graphs to the page. You can add the question part letters to your page. DO NOT
ADD ANYTHING ELSE TO YOUR SOLUTIONS. You may need to resize the graphs
to fit everything on a single side of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.
Question 1
Title: Logic Puzzles and Video Games
The file games.xlsx contains data on 200 (American) high school students. It’s data from
a study conducted to determine relationships between video game proficiency and logic
puzzle proficiency. Before reading the data into R/RStudio, relabel the video
column with your family name. (Your family name is the name in large font on
your T-card.)
The data file contains three columns:
Variable Name
This is a unique identifier for each of the students. It is not
analysed with statistics.
The students were asked to play a video game.
The data in this column is their score in the game.
The students were asked to complete a logic puzzle.
The data in this column is the time it took to complete the puzzle.
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