Summer 2010 Midterm Study Guide

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Visual Culture and Communication
Amish Morrell

STUDY GUIDE: VCC201 MID-TERM TEST, Summer 2010 The midterm test will take place on Tuesday June 1 , in the lecture hall, from 5-6 pm. It will cover chapters one through four only. Concept Definition and Application: (4 concepts X 20 points each) In two to three sentences, you will be asked to define four key terms from the course selected from the list provided below (10 points), and apply them to one of the images shown during the test (10 points). You do not have to identify the title, author (artistphotographer), or date the image was made. However, you must, in three to four sentences, apply this definition to one image, discussing its significance within visual culture. Your answer must be written in complete sentences and in paragraph form. Suggested time: 30 minutes. Multiple Choice: (10 questions X 2 points each) Select the best of four possible answers. The multiple-choice section will draw from the textbook and lecture. Suggested time: 15 minutes. Sample Question: The process by which social movements transform terms that have negative meanings to terms that have positive meanings is called: a) encoding. b) counter-appropriation. c) trans-coding. d) Bricolage Key Terms: Mimesis Cult value vs. transmission value Mythology Appropriation The Gaze Bricolage Panopticon Connotation and Denotation Representation Culture Scopophilia Semiotics Discourse EncodingDecoding SignifierSignified
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