WGS200Y5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Domestic Relations, Bell Hooks, Ethnic Cleansing

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Intersections of oppression: sexuality, place, race and class. Text: the social construction of race , ian f. haney lopez, pp 52-57. Text: feminism and the question of class , alexandra kollantai, pp 198-199. Text: mapping the margins , kimberle crenshaw, pp 200-206. Text: feminism and difference , marnia lazreg, pp 321-323: video: listening for something: adrienne rich and dionne brand in conversation. essentialism- reduces people and cultures into an essential trait. Says this group of people is like that. In terms of this class, you would say that women are always like that (but it"s untrue) www. notesolution. com. reduces people and concepts to an essential trait. Essentializes them and reduces them to certain factors. Intersections: race, class, gender, *fluid, variable and non-fixed, south africa, racialized form of government who decided who people could see and what jobs they can do, identities can be changed. these are fluid and depends on specific historic context.

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