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Women and Gender Studies
Joan Simalchik

Lecture 1: What is Women and Gender Studies Summary: The study of power relationships (focused on gender) and cultural ideals What is femininsm? o Equality between Men and Women which requires the identification of power, privilege, and oppression, and the critical analysis of them (power, context, and agency). This approach can be used to critically analyze the power relationships between any group of peoples (feminism is ?inclusive? ) o Feminist analysis: Power: who has the controlinfluence? Context: what is going on at the time that will influence things? Agency: what action is called for and how can it be done? Example: Powder puff patrol (1959): o The depiction of women in the police force o The women were shown as being definite women, they were feminine (putting on make up etc.) and wore a different uniform (skirts) o Though they were put through the same training as men (equality), they did not perform the same tasks once they were on the force. They were desk workers, decoys, or they were accompanied by male police officers while patrolling (the men were still the protectors) o Women as care takers and nurturers was emphasized, as was men as protectors Coming to Terms: Gender, Femininity, and Masculinity Summary:
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