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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies
Joan Simalchik

Camp Sisters : Women and the Holocaust By Joyce Parkey o Chance and luck was stated as the primary and only reason camp survivors made it past the concentration camps. o The Nazis aimed at isolating the Jews, segregating them from loved ones , which is known as “Final Solution”. o -Although what the Nazis failed to realize that human being are social creatures that create substitute relationships and redefine existing ones to fill the void left by separation and death , which is also known as “Surrogate Families”. o Relationship within the camp experienced by women was called “Camp sisters or mother” o Camp prisoner at their arrival were segregated based upon Sex and initial selection Those who went to live went onto the left Those marked with death went onto the right o Inmates were denied potable water for drinking, shared overcrowded barracks and were left with no personal space, A bucket was used a toilet upon many members to share. o They were given sleepless nights, hard labor, and roll calls; such task was meant to humiliate, dehumanize and shock prisoners into submission and lead them willing to death. o “Cooperation for survival was amongst members of the same species which is considered the basic law of life” www.notesolution.com o Forming cooperative association was considered adaptive behavior under traumatic circumstances which aided the quality of life for many women Humans have a strong need for affiliation which Goldberg refers to a” need for connectedness” In loss of close family people formed new ones to mend the gap and distance that kept them apart from their loved ones. Camp families came together by misfortune and suffering Most camp sisters lived in morbid attachment o Elder women upon the group took it upon herself to look after and protect rte young ones o European school of thought ; you listen to the “oldest one” o One “sister” usually took charge of the group, they cre
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