reading notes: “Queering Citizenship? Same-Sex Marriage and the State” Amy L. Brandzel

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies
Joan Simalchik

Queering Citizenship? Same-Sex Marriage and the State Amy L. Brandzel that marriage has historically been used as a tool to enforce a hetero-normative citizenry. an analysis of the ways in which marriage is a deliberate and well-functioning exclusionary institution that is harmful to those who are prohibited from it, those who choose not to participate in it and finally, those who do participate in it. the public debate over same-sex marriage is deeply connected to concerns regarding the boundaries of race, sex, and gender in American citizenry generally. citizenship - a messy and multi-layered legal status, identity, and community relationship. legal history of citizenship in the United States: o marriage has enjoyed a history of regulation that has significantly restricted the rights of women and racial minorities while remaining the very status that differentiates good citizens from bad citizens. o By making marriage a necessary characteristic of upstanding citizenship, while prohibiting certain citizens from participating in the institution, the state has crafted a citizenry in which only those who are able to marry are full citizens. o In this promotion of heterosexual, intra-racial marriage
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