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Women and Gender Studies
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WGS Study Notes 3292012 95600 AMCoy FemaleDefinition o The coy female is the idea that women are much more selective than men when choosing their mate They try to find the ideal suitor and try to save themselves for that person while men have sex with as many females as they can The coy female allows men to pursuit them and make the first move Females are seen as sexually passive reluctant to mate fertilization is seen as the only reason to mate assumes male gains by mating more strongly selection pressure on the male incorrect assumption that selection is left up to males normalized idea that women are coy and males are sexually promiscuous no sexual diversity is involved This supports and backs up the idea of the pronatal model Also an outcome of gender policing Relevance o When we look at women in families we attempt to understand their roles and how they came about In the case of the coy female it is a result of how women are gender policed into the idea that their primary duty to have sex for the purpose of child bearing and then continue to care for the children and the domestic work of the householdo It looks at how females are sexually regulated that they are to appear put together feminine and well behaved If they dress inappropriately they are seen as sluts while men can sleep around with many women and are not seen as sluts It is normalized that men can be promiscuous but women cannoto This is where we see gender dimorphic Men and women are not alike they are seen as complete opposites while men have more social rights than women doExamples o This is evident in the film The Purity Myth Purity balls are held for young girls to ensure their virginity until they are
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