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ANTA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Black Market, Cultural Capital, Anthro (Comics)

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Maggie Cummings
Study Guide

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Anthro Study Notes
Essay Notes
Quote from Page 143. Phillipe Bourgouis - “This book's argument – as conveyed in its title – is that
people like Primo & Caesar have not passively accepted their structural victimization
crack dealers are victims of structural forces
struggle for respect against these forces by embracing street culture and underground
become agents of their own destruction & further oppression by doing so.
Structural Victimization – being called “jibaros” & accepting that
workplace racism – being called illiterate & looking it up in the dictionary
structure being workplace, workplace racism = institutionalized racism
gender discrimination & gender rolls switched and foreign to them
women are bosses to men, women are more superior in the service sector
Agents of their own Demise – choosing to listen to the racism
going coke & dope binging & contributing to self destruction
accepting the name/label of jibaro
cultural capital – doing what they know – fail at legit work, so go back to heroin & coke
internalize the racism & agree with it, therefore depression and addiction
Embracing Street Culture – Service/FIRE sector takes away street culture
street culture enhances ability to get respect & money
clothing & symbolic power, clothes = dignity/power – take away “street clothes”, take away
Weapons of the Weak – James C. Scott
if they feel they are being attacked, they will attack back to the attackers
the vulnerable will attack the more vulnerable
doing half asses jobs: showing up late, striking back etc.
Term Notes
Agency vs. Structure
Agency – power of individuals to choose what to do/how to act (based on intentions)
Structure – Larger forces such as political economy, institutions etc. (shapes options one has)
Compare: In search of Respect
crack dealers are victims of structural forces (government, police etc)
against structural forces by embracing street culture & underground economy
Majority of themes have structures and agencies
structures = culture, what defines the options an individual has (traditions etc)
agents = people, people in the culture making the decisions
Define: discriminatory remarks/actions to another race to imply one race is superior than another
Compare: In Search of Respect
they feel like “Jibaros”, feeling vulnerable at work (institutionalized racism)
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