Midterm exam questions for ANTA02

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Published on 18 Dec 2011
Sample ANTA02 Midterm exam questions:
1. A preference for marriage within one’s own defined social group is called
2. According to ___________________________, the Protestant work ethic fuelled
the beginnings of capitalism in the 16th century.
3. Flossing one’s teeth every day cannot be considered a ritual because:
a. It is not religious in nature.
b. It has no symbolic elements or significance.
c. Not everyone flosses their teeth.
d. It has no transition stage.
e. None of the above
4. Edward Tylor and James Frazer:
a. are considered the “fathers” of fieldwork
b. hypothesized that language structures culture and worldview
c. could be described as “armchair anthropologists”
d. advocated for cultural relativism
e. Both a and d above
5. An anthropologist studying North American culture who wanted to follow
Clifford Geertz’s analytical lead might choose to study the Super Bowl because:
a. Many people wager lots of money on the outcome of the game.
b. North Americans pay so much attention to the Super Bowl themselves.
c. The Super Bowl can be read as a cultural “text”.
d. Football players have a lot of status and prestige.
e. Both b and c above.
6. According to Popenoe’s informants in Feeding Desire, it is better for a Arab
woman to marry a slave than a member of the artisan caste. Why?
a. Because such a marriage would be endogamous.
b. Because she would no longer have to fatten to be desirable.
c. Because only Arabs and slaves are descendants of the earliest Muslims.
d. Because a slave is likelier to be her parallel cousin.
e. Both a and c above.
7. Amina and Arif are (hypothetical) Azawagh Arabs; both are single and looking
to get married. Which of the following is a reason that they couldn’t marry each
a. Their fathers are brothers.
b. Amina has been divorced and has two children from a previous marriage.
c. As infants, they were nursed by the same woman.
d. They are not attracted to each other.
e. None of the above
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