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Maggie Cummings

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Week 4 notes
Egg and sperm: a scientific fairy tale
Bird finds egg
New research, old imagery
Mouse and sea urchin
Social implications: Thinking beyond
Cybernetic model feedback loops, flexible adaptation to change, coordination of the
parts within a whole, evolution over time, and changing response to the
environment (common in genetics, endocrinology, and ecology has a growing
influence in medicine in general)
Patients began to be seen not as isolated, individual bodies, but as psychosocial
entities located in an ecological system
We view Muslim women as oppressed, veiled, different freedoms, ruled by her
religion, and ruled by her men
Many women covered in the media were covered from head to toe in their burqas,
unable to go to school or wear nail polish
oThese images have been used to drum up support for intervention
oHave a deadening effect on our capacity to appreciate the complexity and
diversity of Muslim womens lives as human beings
Burqa or Chanel suits?
oThese images make it hard to think about the Muslim world without thinking
about the women, creating a seemingly huge divide between us and them
based on the treatment or positions of women
Prevents us from thinking about the connections between our various
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