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16 Feb 2011
Week 12 Notes
Hurricane katrina
Geertz pointed out that the one thing humans seem unable to live with is the idea
that the world may be deficient in meaning and that human existence might be
Self blame and national shame
oVictims collude with those who are all too willing to blame them for their
oImmanuel Levinas the search for meaning in catastrophic human
suffering as a potent source of evil in the world
oThose who suffer tend to ask, why me? Those who survive tend to ask, Why
was I spared?
Vulnerability of the poor
oThe poor are vulnerable to natural disasters and catastrophes not because of
geography or climate changes, but because of political lassitude, racism and
entrenched poverty, all of these caused by the dismantling of social welfare
by both Democratic and Republican administrations that have left them
Facework on Facebook
Tendency for persons to exhibit themselves on the internet by showing their
relationships on these sites
Increasing tendency for politicians to focus on mobilization via such sites, as has
been evidenced in particular by the overwhelming of the Obama-Biden campaign
Websites are focused on persons as nodes is an innovation, but at the same time a
consequence of a development that has been underway for some time in the West
Individualism has been dominant mode in the understanding of social identities, but
this individualism is now beginning to be exhibited in new ways that in fact mirror
form of sociality as they are experienced everyday
There is a recognized tendency in the West today for the formation and
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