ANTA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Townes Van Zandt

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Personal/political perspective: probe into the weakness inherent in richest country by documenting how it imposes racial segregation & econ marginalization on its many latino&black citizens. Dynamics of social marginalization& alienation result in substance abuse in the inner city which is both a symptom and symbol of the dynamic. Assertion/rumors about ray"s violence = integral to running network of crackhouses effectively. Upward mobility in underground econ req"s systematic&effective use of violence against collegues neighbours and to some extent, oneself. This irrational/barbaric violence reinterpreted in logic of undergrnd. econ = longterm investment into ones human capital development & public relations. Must still be capable to reciprocate friendship ie not all followers loyal out of fear/violence. Capable of fathoming the intricate rules and regulations of a society. Ie ray lacked cultural capital to succeed in real world cos he was illiterate, didn"t understand beurocracy, paper work, liscensing etc. Street culture violence shapes daily life in elbarrio.

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