ANTA02H3 Study Guide - Cockfight, Palm-Leaf Manuscript, Vise

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19 Feb 2011

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when you first meet a balinese he seesm virtually not to relate to you at all. he decides that you are real and then he beomces a warm, gay , sensitive, sympathetic. In bali, to be teased is to be accepted. It"s mythology, art, ritual, social organization, patterns of child rearing, forms of law are examined. In balinese culture babies are not allowed to crawl. Incest is present and drowning is the result of incest. main puberty rite consist of filing the childs teeth so they will not look like animal fangs. The day of silence: when everyone sits silent and immobile all day long in order to avoid contact with the sudden influx of demons chased momentarily out of hell is preceded the previous day by large scale cockfights. daily wages of a manual labourer a brick maker, farm worker was about 3 ringgits a day.