ANTA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Dowry, Ethnocentrism, Yoruba Religion

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16 Feb 2016

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Sincerity is allowed but earnestness is strictly forbidden symbolic approach to anthropology: thick description: behaviour must be understood, and described in context. Witchcraft = the ability to harm others by harboring malevolent thoughts about them. Maussian gift: theres no such thing as a free gift every gift requires reciprocity; a gift is a total social fact. 3 types of obligations: 1. give gifts 2. receive gifts 3. return gifts (pay back) Mana: kind of a spiritual authority derived from having a wealth of resources to give others to bind them into reciprocal obligations > person who gives the most has the most power/ mana. Botswana, and even if they are, they are not remembered next time therefore giving and everyday gift requests are usually not granted in. " s critique of maussian gifts: receiving in botswana is open but not expected. Ideology vs practice: ideology: what people think they do practice: what there behaviours really say.