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Anta02 Final Tutorial 22/04/2009 01:08:00
Group Article Discussions
Identify and Discuss the Significance of the Torso and the Thames
-todd sanders
-talks about primitive vs modern
-critiquing media and police in terms of how they handled the case
-savage spiritual africans vs rational and enlightened european
-homogenization: one black person for all
-issues of identity: black savage and globalization: who we let into our borders
-all of these interact with race and racism and how these are transnational
rather than using science to scientifically do this
they used since to scientifically reinforce class clashes
Todd Sanders
Ritualistic killing, portrayed African people as homogenous.
That they all have the same culture. Made African culture seem perverse and
that Africans everywhere do the same things.
Made assumptions that it was a ritualistic killing.
Went around West and South Africa.
Did not know anything about the boy, called him adam’
Closed minded.
Significance: is that racism, stereotyping is still around
They are trying to fit their own worldview into the situation as opposed to finding
out what actually occurred.
A Girl Like Me
influenced by outside sources regardless of what you believe
shaped by society
Couple in a Cage
-World View!!!! How it intersects with race and racism
White privilege is denied and protected.
You deny it to reinforce its own existence.
It disadvantages others.
Described as a weightless knapsack? ( tackle and answer)
Neutral, normative and ideal
Them versus us article.
It is illusive and fugitive.
Myth of meritocracy: not of your own personal merit, it just down your racial line
- informal articles
[Identify and discuss race and racism]
Contemporary article
Shift of racial categories
Not biological, but social.
-race is socially constructed through globalization and multiculturalism
person isnt denied by stereotypical markers
hybrid of different racial identities
racism exists but occurs in different forms: soft and instiutional
fact based + statistics
more of a critical analysis of the state
peoples lives and the changes in it.
Chpt 1: Disrespect. Cultural Capital
Introduction of informants.
Chpt 2: description of origin.
Shows it has no economic stability. Historical, political and economic identity
Hibarro identity: being a rebel
Italians in El barrio, mafia.
Cycle of racism, redirect racial experience to other people