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Last Tutorial Exam Review

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Maggie Cummings
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Anthropology Tutorial March 30,2011
ExamApril 15 at 2pm
40% of final grade.
15 marks for “In Search of Respect Essay”
25 marks for short answerlist of 10(ish terms) (anywhere between 8 to 10 terms total)
choose 5 and define and state the significance of each.
Looking for quality. Terms could be from articles, VSI, and lectures, or like stuff we
went over in tutorials like race and stuff.
Key terms/concepts for discussion:
cultural capital
structural victimization
underground vs. legal economy
jibaro etc
Pay specific attention to Ch.5 and latter chapters on gender.
Not necessarily 15 facts, its graded on quality. Marked on A,B,C,Dbasis then turned to
numeric grade.
No marks will be taken of for grammar mistakes. Don’t need specific examples. Just
looking at quality and insightfulness.
Give as much detail as possible.(Like examples Usually significance takes longer.
IntersectionalityBig deal of latter half of book. Idea that people don’t experience their
identity. Ex. you’re a women, Puerto Rican, dark skinned.
We’re not just looking and race were looking at gender and stuff and see how they
You can Google search these terms for more clarity and lots of examples.
Cultural capital
Money is a form of economic capital. You give money to get something from a culture
you can give things to get status. Burgois says how these Puerto Ricans take cultural
capital because they don’t go to school. Because they don’t go to school. Because
through education you gain cultural capital because your learning about things you can
exchange to get certain degree or status. They have a form of cultural capital in their
underground economy but Burgois says how they don’t have access to cultural capital.
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