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ANTA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Moral Economy, Medicalization, Proletariat

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Bianca Dahl
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Final Study Guide ANTA02
condition of danger, doubt and fear arising from an exposure to unseen harm
Madumo has spiritual insecurity since his fear of witchcraft has led to the bad relationship with his family
Forced ppl together. The middle class black ppl are pushed out of townships
Segregated the classes
A place for the Zande ppl to stay under to keep out of the heat
It falls on ppl when they sit under it is explained by witchcraft
The idea that the granary falls on someone and causes injury is because of witchcraft
they know that the granary is unstable but when it falls
They do not think that the mystical causes are at the only thing at fault but also
human error
According to Durkheim, a community or society may at times come together and simultaneously
communicate the same thought and participate in the same action.
 
Child rearing as a science shows the social trends of gendered labor (nurture vs
Ideology is the sys of ideas that forms basis of economic or political theory
! "#"
Gender - the social and cultural classification of masculine and feminine as socially meaningful categories
that seem reasonable and appropriate
Sexuality – A person’s sexual orientation or preference: their sexual activities
Hijra a third gender that has a penis and a vagina and have their own gender roles; usually
dress like women
Sex – biological difference b/w female and male. (Genitals)
!$ %
Gender is best explained by a spectrum but is also viewed as a binary (a scale of
Draw the spectrums down below
Is how gendered activities & attributes are differentially valued & related to distribution of resources,
prestige, and power
Men have a higher level in the hierarchy
Bernie Sanders has a higher voting rate for young women than Hilary Clinton
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