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ANTA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Medicalization, False Consciousness, Structural Violence

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Bianca Dahl
Study Guide

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ANTA02: Introduction to Anthropology: Society, Culture, Language
Winter 2016: Professor Bianca Dahl
The final exam will focus more on concepts and readings from the second half of the semester,
but you are still responsible for knowing key terms and the main arguments from the readings
and films shown in lecture from the first half too. Below are some of the key concepts that may
appear on the exam. I have included on this list some of the terms from the first half of the class
that you should be especially sure to remember.
As always, make sure you understand the main arguments of each of the course readings, in
addition to the following terms and how they relate to anthropological lessons from lecture or the
readings. This list is not comprehensive; it is meant to help you, but you can expect other things
may appear on the exam.
Remember: The Final Exam is on Wednesday, April 13, 2-4:45 pm in the Gym. Do NOT be
late. Do NOT miss the exam; there will be NO MAKE-UPS.
From first half of class:
emotional force
participant observation
cultural grammar
cultural relativism and moral relativism
thick description
Maussian gift
obligations of gifts
Agency vs. structure
Kinship and relatedness
From second half of class:
spiritual insecurity (Ashforth)
hyperghetto (lecture)
the granary (Evans-Pritchard)
sacred vs. profane (lecture)
collective effervescence (lecture)
ideology vs. practice
gender vs. sex, sexuality
gender spectrum vs. binary (lecture)
gender hierarchy (inequality) (lecture)
Sexuality as identity (Kulick)
Sexuality as behaviour (Kulick)
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