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ANTB20H3 Study Guide - Anthony Giddens, Singapore Army, Biopolitics

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Girish Daswani

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Lecture one- key points
1. Many definitions of the word globalization were discussed:
Globalization as a concept refers both the compression of the world and the
intensification of consciousness about the world as a whole: Ronald Robertson
Globalization involves the shrinking of space and the compression of time. Labour markets
become more flexible through outsourcing, subcontracting, putting-out and ‗home-work
strategies. This flexibility and de-regulation of capital is aimed at reducing the turnover time of
capital: David Harvey
Compares globalization to the stretching of social life across time and space. Remote encounters
win out over face-to-face interactions: Anthony Giddens
Steven Gregory (2007) in ‗the Devil behind the mirror‘, calls globalization the dissonance
between what transnational capital promises and the reality on the ground.
Appadurai talks of socially imagined boundaries: Scapes in global cultural flows.
2. Difference between local and global
Instead of starting with the question of how the ‗global‘ is made up of lesser parts (the
‗local‘), anthropologists have started by reiterating the questions ordinary people ask
about the ‗global‘ and the ‗local‘.
It is important to understand the complex interplay between capitalism, the nation-state,
and power dynamics in particular times and places.
3. Four scales of politics
1. Global politics: (anyone remember this in detail?)
2. Bio-politics: Foucault's concept of bio-politics is largely derived from his own notion of
bio-power and the extension of state power over both the physical and political bodies of
a population. Examples include ―ratio of births to deaths, the rate of reproduction, the
fertility of a population‖
3. Institutional power: subtle- eg: Singapore army
4. Technologies of the self: Taking on certain practices to make you into certain kind of
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