Week 7 Olwig article notes

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27 Feb 2011

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Week 7 olwig the burden of heritage: claiming a place for a west indian culture. Historical sites are places where different sorts of historically legitmated authenticities are represented and not simply repositories of objects architecture or landscapes from the past. I suggest that the past is not a free resource its negotiation taking place within specific historical contexts characterized by particular sytems of power and authority that deem nly certain forms of heritage credible. The specificity of heritage has to do with the exclusionary practices that form the backbone of heritage politics. Notions of the african caribbean past 371. Wilk has argued that in order to win any wider recognition local cultural identities must be expressed within global structures of common difference which celebrate particular kinds of diversity while submergining deflating or suppressing others. Today these structures of common difference are primarily those that conform to the dominant fields of discourse associated with contemporary heritage and identity politics.

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