ANTB20H3 Study Guide - Chronotype, Neoliberalism

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26 Apr 2012
Review Class for ANTB20- April 11/12
Neoliberalism: free trade ; emphasis of
Orientalism -> Need to know this for sure! (Said’s article)
A system of domination
Harvey: time-space compression
How is it defined
What are some of the complications/problems/implications of it?
Explain why females have complications at workplace?
Informal economy (Green; Gregory) -> sexual economy
Tourism (Gregory)
Neoliberalism (Thai)
Gender underclass -> Men begin to see chance of role as more women enter workforce
Nation-cultural- symbols (totem poles)
Nation state: citizens because they have government (geopolitical)
National anthem, flags, particular documentations
Nationalism seen as obligation
*Nationstate produces nationalism; linked to citizenship
Chronotype: how migration is experienced through language
Time + Space
Here (right now, this place) + There (that place, that time)
How linguistics focus on here and there to compare Mexico + US (moral reasoning is
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