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THEMESglobalization assumptions : cooper/ appadurai
Globalization Why uneven/awkward?
Increased Tech/less tarde barriers/capital flow/ culture mix/intesification of
Anthropologists study?
social context/ culture not homegeneous, is CONSTRUCTED/ Proccess is awkward
for ppl (compression of time and space, so ppl coming together but cluster of
interaction makes harder to be heard or seen)
local interpetatations of change
K gardner: ppl in bang wanna get away from work, so try to find jobs or marriage to
UK..where they can earn more and show off when they come back. (contradict with
devil behaind mirror)
Work Economy
Makes an informal economy ( making life harder for people plus choices).
How ppl now have to overcome obtiscles set up by globalization.
Cultural CItizenship
oNG + Bernal Cultural citizenship is a subjectification
Race= used by political institution to justify forms of exclusions/certain attributes
associated with ppl/ can unify and mobilize ppl/
After Independence, Dominican nationalists aimed to create a national identity
against the Haitian threat- One that emphasized the new reuplics Hispanic rather
than African Origins and racial distinctiveness from black ( Gregory)
Ollwig( St john island histroy emphasis)
Citizen as a subject = domincan women only given specific jobs, Highest paid was
sex work (best option) so few choices...Greg
Perrenas They can either be with family but struggle to survive, so women go and
become nanis (from philipines) so can send money back to family, some kids
resented moms.
Global migration
Globalization associated with increased movement of people across borders\
Immigration, require imagination, re establishing connection
Reterritorialization= ppl try to fix or stabilize a place
Organize experiences ( home/away) Local/global
A central source of advancements, also creates inequalities
Brings economic , social, geographic mobility
Katy Gardner: interested in local interpretations of flows of people goods and meanings
Migrants from Sylhet do not move between two bounded and separate worlds, but instead
desh and bidesh are just 2 different locations of the same society
There are new classifications created out of global migration bideshis and those who never
global factory
Cheap labor/ ideologicaly constructed
feminization of labor (women are docile (weaker)
Sex related to nature, gender to culture
women become natural subjects of exploitation
for natural reason (small hands, obidience) women become stereotyped through
gender differences
gregory..(males intrepeneur, females in factories)
Nordstrom ( blood diamonds)
Politics of Culture:
OLWIG to make politcal claim, use history to create cultural identity africaness
Culture and heritage becomes a way to gain or have access to state resources
Culture is not bound to a location,
- Invisible, marginalized groups are able to collectively resist and demand share
New technology and Global capitalism:
- is it exploitating (Call centers bombay calling)Bear”
- expolitation of locals in develpoing countries
- Bear: causes a division between ppl who work in call centers n those who work outside
- They r high tech glamorous work place allows to creat a distance amongst themselves and other
lower class begali...mentalities have changes “bear”
- gregory, world bank investments IMF (financescapes) invest in tourist
Global Medias
- larken and Lau
- Larken (indian films have helped them deal with fmaily pressure and social changes)
- bollywood follws nigerian culutre: family ties/ upper class guys/corrupt government/who marry
where to go
- LAO, before TV, didnt know how to react but then consumed images of romance, and went
against family ties (disjuncture APPADURAI), started wanting love marriages.