ANTC15H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Exhibitionism, Black Body, Foreplay

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29 Oct 2012

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Historically, what has been the relationship between feminism and anthropology: anthropology when it began, was primarily in the hands of men. Male anthropologist would perform ethnographies in their contexts of choosing, primarily gathering their data from the men present in their context of choosing. The very same data was then interpreted by the male anthropologists. As is obvious from this, early anthropology was particularly male dominated and presented the male gaze as the defining aspect of a culture: feminism made its entry into anthropology later. It primarily began with the wives of anthropologists speaking to the ignored women in ethnographic contexts, thereafter essentially starting an anthropology of women that focused on the plight of women. This however had inherent problems in that it universalized women: this led to a shift in anthropology and the advent of feminist anthropology, which focuses on genders and sexualities.

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