ANTC67H3 Study Guide - Log-Normal Distribution, Case Fatality Rate, Index Case

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19 Dec 2012

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Individual stigmatized because of behaviors associated with the disease. Yellow fever was blamed on jewish moroccan porters in 1804 gibraltar epidemic. The epidemic in 1885 was blamed on immigrant maltese. Influenza in malta became a notifiable disease after the 1890 outbreak of the russian flu pandemic". Type i: found in very large populations of >250,000. Type ii: found in urban populations but <250,000. Number of infected may hit 0 and disease re-introduction needs to happen from outsider. Type iii: found in small, isolated communities. Triggered by outsider but completely dies down until re-introduction: seasonal epidemics. Marked by distinctive monthly pattern of appearance in population. Occur in great frequency in social gatherings. Contains both a common source and propagative type epidemic. Index case is 1st person to show symptoms of disease, not the 1st person to die. Bias of ascertainment: when researcher inadvertently focuses on one group if sick were first identified as belonging to one group.

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